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King Attalos of Pergamon '' '' I found heaven on earth who orders Attaleia current name Antalya ancient Pamphylia Psidya the junction of the Lycian region in the country's most fertile soil oluşmuştur.antaly art , architecture is the inspiration . Because of the confluence of nature sea of blue and green , with magnificent Taurus mountains and lush forests were filled out .

Turkish Riviera name of historic features and natural beauty of the almıştır.akde Sea's most beautiful beaches , clarity and naturalness, the magnificence of the sunmaktadır.antaly the coast of the ancient city , harbor , historic monuments, idyllic bays within the host.

Join yourself in life feel so ancient architecture has won awards , with a combination of classic and modern Kaleici Antalya, which is the pearl of Turkey is one of the top attractions .

Tourism city, Antalya , Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, beach volleyball, triathio 's , golf , archery, tennis and skiing with the tournament , plastic arts, music, theater, exhibitions, such as sports and the arts has become the focal point .

Historical and cultural environment

From history to the present day , but some parts of the walls , which remains one of the towers in the clock tower of Old City as kullanılmaktadır.kaleiç restarosyo of the Ministry of Tourism in 1984 for its work by FİJET GOLDEN APPLES ( tourism Oscars ) awards are given .

Perge, Agora, colonnaded street, Masthead , Termessos, Olympos , Ariassos , Phaselis, Limyra Arycanda , Demre , St. Nicholas Church , Patara, Kas, Aspendos exception among the places worth seeing .

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