about us

About Us

Ali & Son Building Construction P.T.Y LTD has been founded in 1993 based on Brisbane city of Australia. It has been one of the significant company in Australia during 20 years and still continue its activities.

The Company has been awarded 5 times by Brisbane Provincial Committee (Springfiald and Farstlakes) from 2001 to 2005 due to completing its production and outstanding success on sale.

After completing 850 villas in Brisbane, the company realized two projects in Antalya, Liman quarter which is located on walking distance to Konyaaltı beaches in 2009 under the name of BPT CONSTRUCTION PROPERTY TOURISM AND FOOD INDUSTRY CORP. LTD. One of them is Botanic Resort and the other is Cevahir Residence.

Luxury, comfort and style have been offered for you with elegance as aimed to provide an elite life with its different architectural concept and close location to the sea..

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