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BPT İnşaat

BPT is one of Turkey's construction company Building offers luxury apartments for sale in Antalya to you . BPT Building , 850 villas project in Australia after completing a property in Turkey by foreign investors and foreign nationals who wish to have the most popular shows in Turkey in Antalya began to build luxury housing .

Our second project , which is our first project Botanic Resort and Cevahir Residence, apartments for sale in Antalya housing standards has been moved to the upper level . Many domestic and foreign investors in the limelight with the quality of our project, which has been the focus of attention . Antalya luxury residential and privileged to have in order to have the quality of life of Botanic Resort and Cevahir Residence must see . Apartment near the sea and large social areas Cevahir Residence and Botanic Resort is an ideal habitat for you and your family .

BPT construction , in line with the demand for housing in Antalya modern, pleasant , comfortable Residence apartments and continues to produce new housing projects . Construction BPT Botanic Resort and Cevahir Hotel and Residence brings comfort to your home . Sale apartment projects and for detailed information , please see our "Projects" page , please visit our .